Green councillors help voters stay safe and well supplied during Covid lockdown.

30 June 2020

Despite the sadness and difficulty of the last months we hope you have had some positives. The local helplines responding to the needs of people who had to isolate completely, delivering food and prescriptions, have kept some of us busy.

Councillor Ros Brown plays key role in Ilkley Corona response for helping residents through Covid 19

Ros dropping off leaflets for volunteers
Since early March the Ilkley Corona Response Team has been anticipating and meeting the needs of the local community. Central to its success has been the expertise of team members alongside its helpline and database of over 450 volunteers. Ros has played a key role in coordinating volunteers to provide information for residents across the town and supporting the volunteer team responsible for shopping, collecting prescriptions and meeting a range of needs. Ros says “People have given so much time and energy to make this difficult time more bearable for others and we’re incredibly grateful for all they’ve done and continue to do.”

Silsden town councillor Caroline Whitaker is one of the instigators of Silsden Emergency Planning group’s successful Covid helpline, dealing with more than 400 calls in 10 weeks

Caroline on the Helpline dispatch desk
Silsden Emergency Planning Group was eager to provide help for those in the local community who were being shielded and therefore unable to go out to collect essential prescriptions and groceries. Keen to enlist others with different skills Caroline was asked to join the group to ensure a quick and efficient setting up of the local helpline. Once up and running Caroline became one of the helpline dispatchers. She would like to thank all those involved in setting up the helpline and those involved in carrying out those vital errands and providing the much loved chatterbox service.

Chris Turner leads on Burley tree planting programme.

Burley Parish Councillor Chris Turner
A few fellow councillors, residents and I set up a working group after visiting a tree planting project in Baildon. Our local Scouts and Guides offered us 250 spare plants in early May which we decided to temporarily plant in a newly released allotment plot. So, my family and a few other volunteers went over to the allotments armed with spades, forks and trowels. The ground was too dry and the weather very hot when we received the trees to plant on the Greenway route, so we aim to re-plant there later this year. With some care over the next few months, hopefully most of the crop will survive. Our working group continues to meet via video-conference to make further plans.

Tree Planting in Addingham Moorside

Earlier this year local Green party members Cllr. Caroline Whitaker, Janet Russell and Jim Woodland joined Addingham Environment Group to plant 1000s of trees in two areas of land on Addingham Moorside, and expect more tree planting projects in the autumn.

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