Ilkley Greens Newsletter Spring 2019

16 April 2019


Thank you to the Ilkley residents who have completed our ongoing survey about local matters.
Ros says: "I appreciate people sharing their views with us so I can consider how best to serve our local community We've visited over 1600 households and received 377 surveys.

"Protecting education and social care services and our green spaces have ranked as most important to people while, surprisingly, tackling local parking issues as least important"


We know parking in llkley is of critical importance for a significant number of residents, businesses and visitors.

At a packed special town meeting an 28th February at the Clarke Foley Centre residents raised multiple concerns about the proposed Traffic Regulation Orders in Ilkley covering parking charges in the town centre.

Ros was at the meeting and has written to Bradford Council in support of the Town Council's request to pause the implementation of the Orders for a short period to allow local scrutiny.

Ros said "By looking at the Orders in greater detail using our local knowledge of residents' and our town's needs we can try and ensure solving one challenge does not cause others to arise."

"We need to look at parking in llkley and Ben Rhydding as a whole to avoid moving problems out of the town centre instead of dealing with them."

"Given the problems we already have with overdevelopment, flooding and congestion near Ben Rhydding railway bridge I would not be in favour of seeing a beautiful green approach to Ben Rhydding lost to create a new car park for the station as is currently being explored by Bradford Council."

If elected as a District or Town Councillor on May 2nd, Ros will continue to seek out and listen to the concerns at the community and work to find sustainable solutions to the parking issues in Ilkley.


In February 2017, despite widespread opposition, Bradford Council granted planning permission for an energy from waste incinerator on the old Keighley Gas Works site, four miles trom llkley Moor.

In November the Environment Agency (EA) invited the local community to contribute to the examination process about whether an operating permit for the incinerator should be granted or not; a process taking up to a year.

Ros says "thank you to residents who responded to this invitation in the local media and our last newsletter. So far 2,000 responses have been received of which 1,799 have been openly published on the EA's website.

"I remain a member of the Aire Valley Against Incineration steering group in order to make sure residents' concerns on this side of Rombald's Moor are heard".


Ros says "We spent my professional life as a teacher, headteacher and academic at the University of Cambridge Supporting, researching and celebrating children and young people's participation in matters attecting them in school, community and global contexts.

"There is nothing more urgent than addressing climate change. While strikes attract special attention all our children and young people deserve our thanks and encouragement for the leadership they're showing in making changes at school and home that help tackle climate change and pollution.

"It's great to see the development of an Eco-Committee at Ilkley Grammar School and pre-schoolers taking part in local litterpicks. We need the wisdom and action of all generations."