Ilkley's Climate Action Day on 8 September 2018

8 September 2018

Green Party Stall at Ilkley on 8th September, 20187

Ros Brown and Rosie Carne at the Green Party stall on the Grove in Ilkley, September 8th 2018.

Ros Brown has been working over recent years towards enabling a sustainable zero carbon future for our local area through contributing to local and national policy formation. Ros says “Much of what we can achieve locally depends on national and Bradford District policies. I have made submissions to the Ilkley Neighbourhood Plan since consultations opened in 2014 as well as making representations on the Bradford Core Strategy and its inspection process. In May 2018 I contributed to the public consultation on the new National Planning Policy Framework recognising that our ability to secure a sustainable zero carbon future locally rests on the provisions within this key policy regarding land use, housing policy and transport. It’s fantastic that Climate Action Ilkley has been formed as we can achieve so much more by working together on this critical area.” Find more information on the group’s work and events here: Climate Action Ilkley.

The Green Party stall was offering lots of information leaflets about Green Party policy on climate change, for Climate Action Day. Although the weather was a bit wet, we spoke to many people about the Green Party, and our campaign for the district and local elections on May 2nd 2019. Ilkley people will be receiving news and information through their letterboxes soon!

Climate Action Ilkley

Climate Action Ilkley community campaign group on the Grove in Ilkley, September 8th, for the National Climate Action Day. Keighley and Ilkley Green Party members Rosie Carne (holding the umbrella) and Ros Brown are the two furthest right in this group.

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